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Who is Derek Cordeiro?

A Man who is a slave to good habits for creating consistent Success. For instance, let’s start with something simple such as waking up at 6am to prepare his his main engine for “take off” (the day), this engine is perhaps faster than any jet in the world, faster than sound, faster than light. It requires “maintenance” on a daily basis, just like a jet plane needs maintenance before it takes off. Now if neglected for days, weeks, months, years, it’s prone to crash. So how does he prepare for “take off”? Well its quite simple, it’s no different than a pilot with a checklist before he takes off and before he lands, he is sure to read that checklist and never to trust his memory, ever. The pilot has created perhaps a “good habit” of reading a checklist. Now what is this “main engine” of his that is so fast and wonderful you speak of? and why don’t others have it? 

“The Subconscious mind, and they do” Derek replied 


Entrepreneur, Investor, Best Selling Author, Actor

actively owning 4 businesses, having a multitude of investments, and having millions of copies of his books sold and published on the cover of TIME magazine, Derek Cordeiro is a wonderful human being who sets the example on how to “be” in a whole new world.

Estate Life

“Let’s talk about where you live and how your life is now compared to when you started this journey in September 2015”. asked Letterman

I was actually living in Swansea Ma with my amazing parents at the time I had discovered entrepreneurship, I then moved here to Plymouth Ma with my amazing partner Kim who is now my wife and Business Partner. Today we own 12 homes around the world, I have a few favorites of mine, 1st ones in Sao Miguel Portugal right off the coast of Mya overlooking the incredible roaring waves crash into the massive coast which is in my backyard as we have the sense of the salt water breeze mix in the air as we bbq food for our friends and family. 

Another location of my favorite is in Aspen Colorado having a log cabin in the middle of nature is truly a blessing and gracious for the incredible scenery all year round, my favorite time of year for this location is winter time because of the snow, mountains, and hunting . 

My favorite of all locations is our custom built home that Kim and I Designed ourselves, this 7,000 sq ft compound which features a 3 car garage for my White Ferrari 488 Pista and Black S63s AMG and my wife’s Blue GLE63s AMG daily cars. Now the house has an astonishing 6 bed 6 bath open concept white kitchen with the best stove top and double oven and a separate  copper sink and ocooktop on the MASSIVE island with all white quartz countertops, I’m in love how the house fits around our imagination like a glove so well, that’s what i wanted more than anything David, being able to live without letting limits or opinions stop us in our tracks like helpless deer in the woods in fear of a predator. 

Any ways, one of the things I desired when i started to grow a lot with Kim was her and i being home together and working together even if it was separate  businesses, i love always having her home and not “going to work” she empowers me to do so much more because of her willingness to shine with authenticity which helps her run 2 businesses from home.  I’m in love that i have my dream shop which alone is over 3000 sq ft which allows me to work in my back yard and be free from traffic, to have access to all the tools and equipment that the experts use. my favorite part about all of these amazing things is being able to walk out of our house and look at the dozens of acres on our land and appreciate how God is an incredible artist, and we have the brush to create, that brush is in all of us. 

One of my favorite Humble moments of taming my ego that came true from visualizing this constantly while i was driving when i used to be lost and broken in life, is when I’m driving the Ferrari home on a fall day and I’m passing by Plymouth beach to my right on rte 3a Warren Ave going down and up the hills  seeing the incredible foliaged, the leaves blowing down from the sky onto the street and blowing around my body and car hearing the engine of the Ferrari roar with a Pur from the steady driving because I’m present to how incredible this world really is when you look at it from an incredible point of view. 

Then pulling of the main road into a private street just for us and driving a ways down and i start to see our beautiful well built custom house from afar, as i pull into the driveway, i always stop the car for a few moments and just sit still and appreciate what we created along with God.

that’s just incredible that you seen it before it happened, its almost like you were sort of programming your mind and creating a new reality” said dave

“thats exactly right Dave, i had to force those things into my subconscious mind consistently every day in order for it to work for me in a way that i found to be successful for me” said Derek 

“now i want to get into the structure of habits that you created for yourself to gain and consistently grow your life, relationship with your wife and loved ones, friends and businesses”

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