Week 5 Master Key

Planning planning planning! It’s all about planning and writing it ALL down on paper for me! I’m learning everyday that writing my thoughts, ideas, and appointments down on palate and my phone calendar is a MUST if I want to remember to fulfill on them.

This master key experience is bigger and better than last year!!! I’m seeing more RESULTS faster and stronger than last year. And… to be honest, I seen this coming last year when I did it for the first time. Why would I ever not continue to do these exercises everyday and continue to do the course every year. It just makes sense. I’m so grateful

Week 19

Short and sweet, The more I am consistent with dedicating planned time for myself my family And my business, the more my life is predictable for a higher success rate.

Vice versa, the more anxiety I have to why the world is working against me….

Harmony is definitely created from within and I have the power! I can be but I will to be!!!

week 16 surprise surprise!!!

so much cement has came off and so much more to blast off myself.

it has been a thrill to see so many people being kind to me (vise versa)…. I definitely Believe it has a strong partnership with me PUTTING myself OUT there… why do I say this? What do I mean? Its so silly, I’ve been ashamed recently because of my lack of participating in Network marketing ( thinking of myself as a quitter in peoples eyes). It has been almost a years time break since I’ve done anything which has in my mind prevented me from putting myself out there. ( ive accomplished so much in the past year doing other things like learning electrical work (side hobby for money), Powdercoating (one of my business im launching) and Home improvement (another business im launching) and learning skills for my network marketing business in preparation for getting back and doing it “rite” putting myself out there and sharing with people some of the work i’ve completed and seeing there reactions hasn’t been an “approval” type of feeling, its been a kind reaffirmation to myself that I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE. which in turn has me put myself out there more and being kind to others!

what i’ve learned this week is, being kind to others really starts with being king to myself, and thinking im a quitter is not being kind, rather i am a Winner! i am natures greatest miracle. oh and one more thing, I PERSIST and I ALWAYS SUCCEED.


I am seeing that what I’ve been resistant to the most has been helping me the most once I submit to that which I’ve been resistant to…

What am I talking about?

Those damn ( incredible) Index cards…

Writing three index cards per day on what we’re grateful for has been a MASSIVE compounding affect over the last few weeks now that I’ve been doing the work with the index cards…

Another exercise with these index cards is having a separate stack of just accomplishments small large medium and or future Accomplishments in present tense…

How is it massive? It’s truly eye-opening to see how much I have accomplished and a wonderful life I do have making me feel more than (grateful) rather than (less than) like social media has brought into my life ( I let that happen…)

That’s all I got for now and it’s so good to resort to this which truly helps me within (cause) which affects my world without…(effect)


Week 9 Master Key Experience

Awareness awareness awareness!!!

It’s a blessing to have the awareness of being in the swamp side of your my mind and getting away from the HARSH judgement I’ve put on myself just from anything.

I’ve noticed that once I have the awareness that I’m in the swamp, I can then adjust immediately and it feels great after a few minutes of substituting my poor thoughts from my old blue print for my rich thoughts from the new blue print!



Week 6: more discoveries!!!

My desire to restart my network marketing business has risen a few dozen percent this week alone, it’s due to me consistently visualizing myself succeeding in an environment where I’m safe and in great health while helping others succeed in great health.

How can I help someone succeed in great health? Not by external bandages, rather looking into internal cause, (The Mind) Through a simple system, the “simple six”

I say this because I work in multiple environments and some are definitely most harsh than others and I do my best to wear personal protective equipment that’s in good working safe use and I can’t tell you how many more people I’ve honestly helped more in network marketing than any other business or job I’ve worked.

I’m grateful for the master key master mind alliance because the relatable people and the methodology/exercises are very Simple yet way more powerful than they seem at first. It’s blowing me away the capabilities my mind has JUST FREAKING VISUALIZING🤔🤯🤯🤯

One last thing, it’s super beneficial to have a partner who is in the course with you as well, she kicked my butt multiple times this week from me being lazy with the exercises and I love her to pieces for it because I get to check off my calendar days with “X” and my goal this month is every day to be checked off, and she wants us to succeed together 🔥💫❤️❤️❤️

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed thus far

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