I am seeing that what I’ve been resistant to the most has been helping me the most once I submit to that which I’ve been resistant to…

What am I talking about?

Those damn ( incredible) Index cards…

Writing three index cards per day on what we’re grateful for has been a MASSIVE compounding affect over the last few weeks now that I’ve been doing the work with the index cards…

Another exercise with these index cards is having a separate stack of just accomplishments small large medium and or future Accomplishments in present tense…

How is it massive? It’s truly eye-opening to see how much I have accomplished and a wonderful life I do have making me feel more than (grateful) rather than (less than) like social media has brought into my life ( I let that happen…)

That’s all I got for now and it’s so good to resort to this which truly helps me within (cause) which affects my world without…(effect)


Published by Derek Cordeiro

I live in Plymouth Ma with my lovely woman, life right now has me open to the question, whatever it may be. I LOVE having FUN with great people! no worries, you'll read more about me.

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